07 julho 2020

Pronouns - Pronomes em Inglês

1. (We, Us) often get up early, We
2. I usually meet (him, her) at school. him
3. (It, ) is very late. a Movies
4. What is the problem with (they, them)? mam
5. There are some flowers for (we, us) today. us
6. Don't tell (she, her) about (1, me). her/ me
7. (They, Them) are very tall and strong. They
8. (We. Us) live near (she, her). We/her
Hi my name is David I am 12 and everybody knows me at school. My father is a teacher. He works in a school. He works hard. My mother is a designer. She travels a lot. I have two brothers James and Paul. They like to swim a lot. I always swim with them at the club. We have a cat but we dont it take the club with us. At the moment my friends and I are taking a French course It is very interesting The teachers are good but they always give us a lot of homework to do.


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