06 julho 2020

Genitive Case




ü caso genitivo expressa posse.

the boy's name (the name of the boy)

the car's eyes (the eyes of the cat)

ü É formado pelo acréscimo de 's ao possuidor (pessoa ou animal).

The girl's dress  Charles's car the children's book

ü Quando o substantivo (possuidor) estiver no plural terminado em s, acrescenta-se ape

Wogonsode o m the babies' toys

The girls' room

ü Quando o possuidor for um objeto, usa-se a construção com of the ou a inversão.

The engine of the car is old. The car engine is old.


ü Substantivos compostos são tratados como substantivos simples.

my father-in-law's car

ü O cano genitivo também é usado para se referir a lugares.

I'm going to Grandma's. (Grandma's house)

He's going to the baker's. (the baker's shop)

ü Pode-se usar o caso genitivo para indicar coisas personificadas ou dignificadas.

the beauty's queen

ü Quando há mais de um possuidor:

o  para indicar posse comum, apenas o último possuidor recebe o

Sally and Susan's car (o mesmo carro)

the earth's surface genitivo.

o  para indicar posse individual, usa-se o genitivo para cada um dos possuidores

Bob's and Jane's fathers (pais diferentes)



I. Supply or 's. 


1. Don. _____ car is in the garage. 

2. Mr. _____ Simpson 5, secretary is outside. 

3. They sell ladies _____  hats in this store. 

4. The doctor _____  wife is very gentle. 

5. The women _____  husbands are late. 

6. My friends _____  sisters are beautiful. 

7. We love Grandma _____  cakes. 

8. The engineer _____  glasses are broken. 

9. I don't like boys. _____  shoes. 

10. Bring the child _____  toy.


II. Rewrite the sentences. 


The skirts of the women are black.



The tail of the horse is long. The horse t is long.



The books of the students are old. The students' books are old.



The toys of the babies are red and white. ____________________________________________________.


The babies toys are red and white.



The hat of Mrs. Smith is funny, Mrs. Smith's hat is funny 



The dress of my aunt is new. My auntr's dress is new.



The leg of the table is broken, The table leg is broken. 



IIl Tick ( ok  ) the correct sentences and rewrite the wrong ones. 


1.   Sally closed the house's window



2.   The students' cat is sleeping now. 



3.   The name of the substance is Sodium.



4.   Coat's John is there. John's coat is mere. 



5.   The farm's gate is opened



6.   My uncle car is old.



IV. Complete the sentences. Use the genitive case. 


1.   (The boy and the girl / trousers)

________________ are dirty.


2.   (John and Alice /mother)

John and Alice's mother Do you know 


3.   (at Bob)

We can meet them at Bob's


4.   (your father-in-law/ car)

Can you drive your father-in-law's car


5.   (dentist)

She is going to the dentist's


6.   (their wives / presents) t

heir wives presents on They were buying


7.   (women / clothes)

They sell wormen's clothes 


8.   (the princess / crown)

She is wearing the princess's crown


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