08 julho 2020


Choose the correct alternative.
My father is (this, that) man talking to (that. those) women near the bank.
(This, These) chair is very comfortable but (that, those) table is too small.
What are you going to say about (this, these) problem?  
 Supply this, that, these or those in the gaps.
1.      Look! ____ is my girlfriend inside the restaurant.
2.      Let's help ____ little boys near that tree.
3.      ____ isn't my book. My book is over there on the table.
4.      Oh. ____ pictures are beautiful, Tom. Bring them here, please.
5.      What are ____ black spots on my fingers, doctor?
6.      ____ is my new English teacher across the street.
7.      Guess, what is ____ in my hands?
8.      Mom, ____ are my new friends from school.
9.      What is ____ on top of the building?

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