08 julho 2020

There to be

Fill in the gaps with there is or there are.
My neighborhood is a good place to live.  _______ a nice park nearby where you can walk and rest _______  beautiful flowers and trees in the park.  _______  many birds too. Close to the park _______  a school but _______  not a bank, so you have to take some money with you. _______  regular buses to and from other parts of town and _______  a big subway station as well, with lots of people coming and going all day long.  _______.
East Street is a nice place to visit. _______  many restaurants with good food and great shops but you should leave your car at home because the parking lots charge a high price.
Fill in the gaps with there to be. Then, change the sentences to the required form.
1. _______ many doubts about your project last week.
(negative) ___________________________________.
2. _______ a great show down town.
(interrogative) __________________________________.
3. _______ many mistakes in her exercise?
(negative) ____________________________________.
4. _______ lots of homework yesterday .
(affirmative) ____________________________________.
5. _______ a doctor in this room.
(negative). ______________________________________.
6. _______ many science books in our class?
(affirmative) ____________________________________.
7. _______  not a swimming pool near my house
(interrogative) ___________________________________.

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